Commercial Contractor near Thurmont, MD

Selecting the right contractor when building a commercial property is the all-important first step toward keeping your project on time and on-budget.

From site selection through final walk-through, the experienced team at  Contour Construction has what it takes to make your commercial development project a success.

We offer scalable construction management services to meet your needs, and we’re able to handle everything from a small portion of your project all the way up to every last detail. You benefit from our years of experience and training to keep your project moving in the right direction.


The right start to a commercial project can make all the difference, and you can get your project started right with pre-construction services from Contour Construction.

We’ve got everything you need to set you up for a smooth, successful project. Our team can help you with:

  • Site selection
  • Existing condition assessments
  • Cost analysis
  • Owner risk management
  • Systems design
  • Sustainability
  • Overall project budget

Our team is by your side every step of the way, working directly with owners, design professionals, architects, subcontractors, and all project stakeholders. We take these tasks off your plate so you can focus on all the other important work you have to do.

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Managing all the moving parts of a commercial build can feel a lot like herding cats – Everyone’s going a different direction and you have to spend all your time bringing them back to center.

Not having a comprehensive plan where everyone understands their part leads to confusion, work delays, and exponential increases in budget.

Instead of beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get everyone on the same page, call Contour Construction. Our construction management services bridge the gap between you, the owner, the construction team, the design team, and any other stakeholders so your project gets done more efficiently, less expensively, and to everyone’s expectations.

We can either integrate into your team, keeping everyone moving in the right direction, or we can bring in our own team to manage your project for you.

Whatever your project needs, the Contour Construction team can help you achieve your goals. Schedule a consultation today!


Getting a property built is one thing, but maintaining it and keeping things in good condition is another.

Don’t entrust your building maintenance to just anyone! You need someone who’s able to be responsive when you have a need, but who isn’t going to be so cost-prohibitive that you’ve got to cut budgetary corners elsewhere.

Why not hire a contractor that can handle even the most difficult tasks with ease and quick turnaround?

Our team of maintenance and building management professionals are there when you need them, where you need them.

Whether it’s changing out lightbulbs in a whole block of apartments or fixing a plumbing issue in one unit, the team at Contour Construction has what you need to keep your properties in top condition. Contact us today to discuss your facilities maintenance needs!