Pre-construction Planning in Frederick, Maryland

No construction project can run smoothly and efficiently without the pre-construction planning phase. 

Here at Contour Construction, we offer full-service pre-construction planning for all projects, big or small. We can assess the site of the project, estimate the cost, and check for sustainable options at this stage. 

Our other pre-construction planning services include:

  • Site selection
  • Existing condition assessments
  • Owner risk management
  • Systems design
  • Overall project budget
  • Estimated schedule

Why Is Pre-Construction Planning So Important?

Pre-construction planning is essential for any owner, designer, architect, or subcontractor. Without this stage of the construction, you are essentially entering the project blind.

When you hire Contour Construction for all your pre-construction needs, you remove any and all unknown variables from the project. 

We serve as the link between your vision and the practical, physical elements of the job, giving you a better sense of what the construction phase will entail. It will also give you a reliable price estimation and help the team stick to your budget.

This stage is also important to assess any potential risks or missteps and offer preventative solutions. Pre-construction planning minimizes error while maximizing efficiency. 

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