Construction Management

Have you ever thought about everything that goes into a building project? We have. In fact, it’s all we think about! The two most common forms of construction management are:


  • CM Agent – we operate strictly as the owner’s representative and advocate with no construction work or contracted construction work performed.
  • CM At-Risk – we operate as the owner’s representative and advocate and at the appropriate time we provide a GMP for the construction work or portion of the construction work.


The totality of the construction can be complicated and daunting for most. Our team of skilled construction managers bridges the gap between you (the owner) and all the players involved in your project. We always advocate for your best interests, ensuring that your budget is well-spent, and your vision is realized.

From hiring securing project entitlements, testing, negotiating low-risk contracts, and contractor qualifications to suggesting money-saving materials and methods, our construction management keeps your best interests in mind from start to finish. Some of the major advantages to construction management project delivery include:


  • Assistance in selecting the most qualified team members.
  • Promotes collaboration and harmony among team players.
  • Removes communication barriers, which reduces delays and cost overruns.
  • Provides a higher level of cost control by defining overhead and profit prior to the project’s start.
  • Invites key suppliers to be part of the design process and gets earlier participation of the trade contractors who will be completing the work.
  • Puts the contractor on the “same side of the table” as the owner and is monetarily incentivized to work at the owner’s best interest.
  • Allows for more flexibility in the design and simplifies the submittal process.
  • Less cost impact to the owner when changes in scope arise.


Contour will be your advocate providing first-class expertise and risk management for your most complex or mission-critical project.