Pre-Construction Consulting

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With over 17 years of experience, Contour Construction excels in pre-consulting services for commercial construction, offering unparalleled expertise and a meticulous approach to project planning and execution. Our seasoned team ensures your project is feasible, cost-effective, and expertly managed from conception to completion, making us the trusted choice for your construction needs.

Pre-Construction Consulting

Pre-construction planning is the foundation of a successful project. We provide full-service planning to make sure every project is done on time and under budget. Our experienced team works early on the front side to find out if the project can even happen and if so answers the hard questions of: How much and how long? We assist in every facet from working with landlords, buyers/sellers, local municipalities, and engineers to collaborating with the owner’s legal team and financial lenders.


  • Site selection
  • Feasibility and estimating
  • Tenant or buyer advocacy
  • Existing condition assessments
  • Budgeting and cost analysis
  • Risk management

Contour Construction will be by your side throughout the entire pre-construction phase of your project, helping you make informed decisions in making the best next move for your operation.

Pre-Construction Services

Site Selection
Site selection is a vital step in pre-construction consulting where potential locations are assessed to determine their suitability for a project. Factors such as geography, accessibility, and regulatory compliance are considered to identify a site that optimizes cost, efficiency, and project goals. This process ensures that the chosen location aligns with strategic objectives, minimizes risks, and sets a solid foundation for future development phases. Overall, site selection lays the groundwork for successful project planning.
Feasibility and Estimating
The pre-construction phase involves two important steps: feasibility and estimating. The feasibility stage determines if the construction project is both technically and financially viable. We assess factors like site conditions, regulatory compliance, and overall project objectives to validate the project's potential for success. Once feasibility is established, we move on to estimating, which entails providing a detailed projection of costs. This includes materials, labor, equipment, and contingencies. This phase is foundational as it lays out a realistic budget framework and offers a clear, confident path forward.
Tenant or Buyer Advocacy
As a General Contractor with extensive experience managing hundreds of projects, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tenant leases and property purchases. Our services include lease analysis and negotiations with landlords to secure the most suitable lease package for our clients. Additionally, we represent clients in property acquisitions, ensuring that conditions are thoroughly evaluated and that the final product is delivered to the benefit of our clients.
Existing Condition Assessments
This review helps identify any pre-existing issues or limitations, ensuring they are addressed before work proceeds. It's a foundational step for a successful project, aimed at avoiding delays and ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the construction process.
Budgeting and Cost Analysis
This process helps identify potential cost overruns early on, allowing for adjustments before construction begins, which can save time and resources. Furthermore, it aids in making informed decisions on materials, labor, and other expenses, optimizing the allocation of resources for cost-efficiency. Additionally, a thorough budget and cost analysis can improve project planning and scheduling, reducing the likelihood of delays and increasing the project's overall success rate.
Risk Management
Risk Management is an essential process that involves identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential risks before starting a construction project. This approach helps ensure that the project remains on schedule, within budget, and complies with quality and regulatory standards. Effective risk management strategies protect the client's investment by preventing cost overruns and ensuring that the project meets all necessary specifications and compliance requirements. Moreover, maintaining a project free from major setbacks not only secures a financial investment but also enhances the client's reputation, which is crucial for future ventures. This comprehensive approach to anticipating and addressing issues before they arise is fundamental to securing a project's success and a client's satisfaction.

Pre-Construction Consultation Services

Let us help you with your next commercial construction project. We are the only contractor you need for all of your commercial construction needs. From feasibility, to design, to project completion, one call to Contour Construction covers it all

Why Contour Construction is your Next Pre-Construction Consultation

Empathetic Understanding: At Contour Construction, we bring an owner’s perspective to every project because we are owners ourselves. This unique viewpoint allows us to fully understand and anticipate the needs and challenges faced by all parties involved in a project, including tenants, landlords, and other stakeholders.

Holistic Approach: By considering the perspectives of different stakeholders, we ensure that each project is managed with a comprehensive understanding of its impacts. This approach results in balanced solutions that meet the diverse needs of all parties, enhancing project satisfaction and success.

Extensive Experience: Our team boasts a combined 75 years of experience in the construction industry, covering every role from laborer to project manager and owner. This depth and breadth of experience equip us with a profound understanding of both the technical and managerial aspects of construction.

Insight and Expertise: Leveraging our comprehensive industry knowledge, we can efficiently navigate complex project requirements, regulatory challenges, and innovative construction techniques. Our expertise ensures that we deliver superior results that consistently exceed client expectations.

Risk Management: We recognize the importance of your investment and are committed to protecting it. Our strategic project management includes rigorous risk assessment and mitigation strategies that safeguard your interests throughout the project lifecycle.

Transparent Communication: Keeping investors informed is key to our process. We provide regular updates and maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that you are always aware of your project’s progress and any critical decisions.

Return on Investment: By ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget, while also adhering to the highest standards of quality, we maximize your return on investment. Our goal is to enhance the value of every project, ensuring it contributes positively to your financial goals.


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