Lisa Parsell

Director of Business Development

For the past seven years, Lisa has served as Business Development Coordinator at Contour Construction. During those seven years, she has filled every seat Contour has available. She is well-versed in all aspects of construction, from pre-construction through project completion. Lisa has recently been promoted to Director of Business Development and the company’s Integrator. Additionally, Lisa has contributed to the development of Contour’s brand identity and has led website development, management systems, and social media campaigns. She excels at building excellent relationships and since joining Contour, she has doubled the company’s revenue. Lisa is dedicated to assisting cross-functional teams in improving processes to boost client happiness and increase team retention. Lisa has a love for travel and discovering new places as well as learning about a locale’s history. She enjoys the outdoors and is always game for target practice, fishing, and kayaking wherever she can put in. She has a keen eye for photography and enjoys capturing fleeting moments. Lisa is a woman of deep faith who enjoys growing her testimony and spending time with her family and friends.